Rustic Decor at it’s best

Justin Powers Constructions – Home Builder – Portfolio

From a rustic idea came a wonderful design that we worked hard to bring to life the ideas of the couple designing this magnificent house.

Lets go explore this awesome house

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“So happy with the quality of the work and to see the things we have made and picked all start to go together Big thanks to Justin & Aaron and the traddies that have all made it come together”


Classic old fashion look

A beutiful Hot Tub for you to enjoy

Light Fittings

Superb Light Fittings to keep in with the design

Keeping with the theme of the house this stunning light fitting is ready.

Stair case

Woooow, this is a stair case

Enjoy yet another wonderful design feature

Every room, every feature had a to blend into this house as if it was build in this time era. Bringing together old with the new elegent design but keeping the past alive.

A Bathroom fit for a King

What an amazing bathroom, have you ever seen one like this.

Furniture to match

Design with purpose

Everything in this house has been design to match the overall look and feel. How wonderful.

“Our clients knew how this house was going to finish and we worked closely with them to make sure the finished housed matched their expectations”